Brazier Race & Machine is now working with ProMaxx Cylinder Heads

Promaxx is an alternative choice for a moderately priced cylinder head with some outstanding features and options available in various versions. All versions are available bare, or with your choice of valve springs for flat tappet, hydraulic and mechanical roller camshafts. Some versions allow for alternate combustion chamber size and choice of either straight or angled spark plug. Contact us for more Promaxx info.

Series One offers is an "as cast" version from a CNC program featuring a 5 angle valve job, harden seats and bronze guides.

Maxx Series is the next level cylinder head with, in some cases an increase in CC intake and exhaust runner volumes and larger valves. These are available for most Chevy, Ford and Mo par applications.

The Shocker Series is a full on CnC cylinder head. Chambers, runners and ports are identicaly matched to ensure your engine is at its peak performance potential. These heads are for a serious street strip engine!

Contact us with your Promaxx needs. We will work with you and your budget to get the performance you are looking for.