Street and Small Engines

Cylinder Heads

From bronze guides to multi-angle valve jobs, we will make your cylinder heads new again. Surfacing with the latest CBN / PCBN cutters allows us to get the right surface finish you need for todays gaskets.

Cylinder Bore

Making sure the bore finish matches the rings is an important consideration for today's engines. Hitting the tight clearances of todays pistons is just one small part in cylinder bore reconditioning. From new aluminum blocks with sleeves to cast iron blocks, you want to make sure that everything is matched together.


When rebuilding an egine, making sure the engine is perfectly balanced is critical. Changing one or more parts can change the balance, which can give you vibrations and lead to premature engine failure. Balancing has come all long way from the muscle car era, and insuring crank shaft balance is essential to the performane and integrity of all engines.