Race Engines Service

Cylinder Heads

If you are using stock cast iron cylinder heads or the latest Brodix / Dart heads, we can help your engine perfomance. We flow test cylinder heads and make improvements by hand forming your cylinder head ports. This increases CFM through the ports, increasing horsepower.

Cylinder honing

Cylinder honing has become more advanced in the last few years with the advancements in ring technology. Using torque plates with the appropriate fasteners, our Rottler Diamond Hone can get the surface finish perfect, provising a better seal and quicker break-in time.


We take the time to understand your setup. You may have a Callies Crank, Dyers Rods and Diamond pistons you want to make sure everything is matched and balanced. Using our Hines Balancer, we balance to a 1/10 of a gram, leaving nothing to chance with your investment.


When putting together an engine you don't want to leave anything to chance. That's why we take great care in the assembly process in our dedicated assembly room.

Custom Machine work

Certain projects require custom machining. Whether starting from new parts or repair work, we manage all kinds of difficult, custom machine work on our CNC Mazak mill or on our manual mill, depending on the task.